How to flash the latest Tap Trio firmware

This guide will help you flash the latest version of the Tap Trio QMK firmware using QMK toolbox.

Flashing the latest firmware is the way to reset the device back to original factory settings.

Step 1: Download the required files

1. Download QMK Toolbox. Choose the latest non-beta version.

2. Download the latest V1.30 firmware hex file.

If you are having issues launching QMK Toolbox, please check if you meet the system requirements for QMK Toolbox here.

Step 2: Launch QMK Toolbox

Open QMK Toolbox, under Local file, select the Tap Trio firmware hex file.

If it is your first time opening QMK Toolbox, you will get a prompt to install all drivers, click yes.

Under MCU (AVR only), select ATmega32U4

Step 3: Put Tap Trio into bootloader mode

You will need to put the Tap Trio into bootloader mode.

Unplug the Tap Trio, hold down the left key, and plug it back in. Your Tap Trio should be recognized by QMK Toolbox and the lights on the Tap Trio should be off.

Step 4: Clear the EEPROM memory

Click "Clear EEPROM" and the memory reset process will start. Once completed, the QMK terminal should say "EEPROM clear complete"

Do not unplug the device during this process.

Step 5: Flash the firmware

Click flash and the firmware should flash onto the device. Once completed, unplug the Tap Trio and plug it back in to complete the flashing process.

Do not unplug the device during the flashing process.

All Tap Trio Firmwares

Version V1.30 [Latest]

Tap Trio V1.30 firmware adds macro recording and delays in VIA, lighting on press modes, changed LEDs to shut off when computer is powered off or in sleep mode, added support for Full Speed Mode, and minor fixes.

Tap Trio 1.2 firmware adds mouse movement support using QMK's default accelerated mouse movement settings and some minor fixes.

Tap Trio V1.30 firmware

Tap Trio V1.30 Full Speed Mode

Full Speed Mode uses a different debounce algorithm to reduce input delay by ~5ms. It will no longer simulate the natural input delay of a keyboard. You can revert back to the original algorithm by flashing the V1.30 firmware.

Tap Trio V1.30 Full Speed Mode Firmware

Please note that double tapping issues can occur on tactile switches like Boba U4T. Please revert to the normal firmware if you are experiencing double tapping issues.

Older versions

Tap Trio 1.2 firmware

Tap Trio 1.1 firmware

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